5 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Auto Body Shop

Choosing an auto body repair center is important when you need vehicle repairs. Not all companies are created the same, nor do they handle business the same way. Without careful considerations, it is easy to choose the wrong company for auto body repair tucker ga and endure more headaches than you started with. Ask these five questions before hiring an expert for repair and rest assured you’re getting the results that you want!

1- Is Your Work Guaranteed? Is There a Warranty?

Do not trust an auto repair center that doesn’t stand behind the work they provide. Any worthwhile professional will stand behind his work. Run far from anyone that doesn’t.

2- Are You Licensed & Certified?

Choosing a licensed, certified auto repair professional is an excellent way to get the services that you want and need. Never hire anyone that is unlicensed because it is anyone’s guess who you’re hiring.

3- How Long Will the Work Take to Complete?

Being without your automobile is a terrible feeling, but you simply cannot operate a vehicle that is in need of repair! Inquire of the length of time the repair shop will take to repair your car before leaving it so you can reserve a rental car or make other transportation arrangements during this time.

4- What are the Costs?

Make sure that a written estimate is obtained before you start the work. The estimate helps you get the best prices for the job and avoid headaches and discrepancies later down the line.

5- How Much Experience do You Have?

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You want an auto body repair expert that is backed with experience. The more experience, the more confidence you’ll gain in the work they provide. Always search for a company with at least a few years of experience underneath their belt.