Your standard car, no matter what make or model, is an intricate system of complicated mechanisms and machinery that requires regular care and attention. Much like your body, your car needs necessary things to function properly. Checking the condition of your vehicle periodically is a great way to prevent costly repairs and increase the lifespan of your car. You don’t need to be a car-buff to do any of these regular checkups, but there are some things about routine maintenance that some people aren’t aware of, so here is a guide to help you better understand what your car needs.

Oil –

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The oil of a car is a crucial part of the entire system, without oil, the car cannot move. Proper lubrication makes sure that all of the pistons, gears, and sliding mechanisms that make up an engine are moving smoothly. If your car runs out of oil, your engine will overheat and lock up, rendering it totally useless. Checking oil and regular oil changes are important. For example, if you live in west Seattle, oil change services are plentiful and usually finish the task in under 30 minutes.

Fluids –

Aside from the oil, there are many other fluids that are pivotal to your cars functionality. One of the most important is the transmission fluid. Your transmission is how your car shifts from one gear to the next and in order to shift smoothly, your transmission requires transmission fluid. Without fluid, your transmission will begin to shift roughly and your gears will grind together. Continuous use without transmission fluid will eventually cause it to break.

You should also check your coolant levels. Coolant is what keeps your engine at an optimum temperature. Overheating can lead to misfiring cylinders or damage to your heater core, which is an expensive fix.