When you buy a new car, you are faced with a dilemma; what to do with your old car now that you have a new one? There are many ways that you can go about this and most of the methods will result in your being compensated for your spare vehicle if possible. Even if your old car is totally damaged beyond repair, you still have the potential to get some of the money you spent on it back in your wallet. Here are some tips that should get you started off on the right foot before you decide what to do with that old car of yours.

Damaged Vehicles –

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If the reason you bought a new car was because your old car was exceptionally damaged beyond use or repair, don’t worry! You can still be compensated for your car. A good option, although a bit difficult, is finding a metal scrap salvage yard near you and taking it there. You’ll have to have proof of ownership and take the battery out before they will take it, though. There are also services that offer cash for junk cars. Houston, for example, is home to plenty of these organizations that salvage damage, old, or useless cars.

If you thought that nobody would have ever paid you money for your car, you couldn’t be more far off. Even when a car is totally useless it still is made up of valuable materials that shouldn’t just be thrown away.

Used Car Dealerships –

If your car still functions fine, you can take it to a used car dealership and exchange it for cash or use it for credit on a trade-in so that you can be a discount on a new car. This is the best choice is your vehicle is still properly functioning.